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DIERKING GmbH - Elektromotoren- und Apparate-Bau

Our Company

DIERKING electric motors and apparatus engineering has been in the field of electric motor 
technology for over 50 years, which is a guarantee for quality and reliability.

Our decades of research and the improvement of different motors as well as control electronics 
give us our good reputation with the plant constructors and universities. That is why our customers 
are predominantly manufacturers of machining equipment who successfully use our motors world-wide.

With the development of our AC servo asynchronous three-phase alternating current machines we 
offer electric drives of the newest generation and are ready for your needs that will come in the future .

We co-operation with well known companies and also supply the controllers for our AC and DC motors and complete the pallet of motor components.

Our product range covers:

 AC servo synchronous three-phase alternating current motors 
 AC servo synchronous three-phase alternating current motors for battery operation 
 AC servo asynchronous three-phase alternating current motors 
 Direct current maschines
 DC servo motors for solar technology
 Direct current shunt link motors 
 Amplifiers for all AC/DC motors
 Repair service within 48 hours
 Specific production of custom made AC/DC motors

More information about our range of products can be found on the following pages of this presentation. 

If you need specs sheets for a certain motor please contact us. We are more than glad to help give 
you all the information you need.

We are your partner for the realization of your projects.

Wir supply the motors that you use!
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